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TiVo: TV drives new customers, Digital secures more sales

September 20, 2013

TiVo Research and Analytics, a provider of single-source TV viewing and purchase data for advertisers and TV networks, has released findings from a study examining purchase habits of consumers exposed to a Comcast Media 360 cross media TV and digital advertising campaign in the US. The data showed that TV and digital have different impacts on sales lift with TV tending to bring in new customers, while digital secures more sales from existing customers. TV and digital are thus complementary in terms of both media and sales impact.

In autumn of 2012, Comcast Media 360 conducted a targeted cross media campaign for a Starcom MediaVest Group CPG client utilising TV, online display, and online video advertising. The household advertising impressions were then matched to TRA purchase data. Purchase habits from the households exposed to the campaign along with purchase habits of a control group not exposed, were tracked for up to 20 weeks after the campaign ended.

Key observations from the study include:
TV brings in new customers. Approximately 67 per cent of the purchasing household uplift came from new customers that were new to the brand and new to the category.
Digital secures more sales from existing brand customers.
Sales lift is highest among households exposed to both TV and digital ads.
Digital supplements TV media impact. Nearly two thirds of those exposed by the digital ads had little or no exposure to the TV campaign.
Higher TV ad frequency drives sales lift. The sweet spot of sales lift was 7-10 exposures to the TV ad.
The targeted cross media campaign produced a 10 per cent sales lift while a national campaign was occurring.
Brand advertising creates sales lift long after a campaign is over. Only 45 per cent of the 20 week sales lift occurred in the first four weeks after the campaign.
Even after 20 weeks sales from the exposed households continues to surpass sales from the unexposed households.
Targeting driven by purchaser characteristics was the key aspect to sales lift.

The participating companies commented on the significance of the study:
Mark Lieberman, CEO of TRA, said, “This ground-breaking cross media study proves that utilising purchaser-based targeting can drive significant sales lift and ROI for brand advertisers. Advertisers today continually face the challenge of how to best allocate ad buys on TV and digital platforms. TRA’s ability to correlate purchasing data with TV and digital viewing habits creates a composite picture of what actually matters to the consumer – an invaluable tool when it comes to allocating media campaigns.”

“Technology is putting consumers in control of what, where, when and how they consume content, so it’s incumbent upon marketers to go find their audience and aggregate meaningful impressions across multiple video screens,” said Andrew Ward, Group Vice President, National Advertising Sales, Comcast Media 360. “This study shows the value of extending campaign measurement beyond traditional metrics by linking targeted impressions with sales data. It demonstrates that advanced targeting generates sales increases and an unmatched marketing solution for brand clients.”

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