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Netflix CEO explains 4K challenges

September 23, 2013

By Chris Forrester

reed_hastingsNetflix chief Reed Hastings has again promised a 4K download service, but admits that consumers with less than 15Mb/s service might struggle to stream material. “It’s not too bad,” he told a Danish journalist at the recent Copenhagen Future of TV Conference. “If you’ve got a 50-megabit connection you’ll be fine.”

Hastings did not specify a start date for a wider service other than to say that the influence of 4K was growing despite 4K movie sizes likely to be in the 45 Gb – 60 Gb range. He told journalist Claus Bülow Christensen that these sizes should not present problems either for operators or consumers given that 4K movies were likely only to appeal initially to a few users in a given neighborhood.

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