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UK spends double time watching TV over social networking

September 26, 2013

watching-footballTV still rules the living room when it comes to how we spend our time, according to a survey carried out on behalf of Panasonic. Brits spend nearly twice as much time watching TV as we do on social networking websites. The average Brit spends about 2.5 hours (156 minutes) watching television per day, while they spend on average about 75 minutes on Facebook and just 20 on Twitter.

Even children and teenagers, often characterised as ‘digital dependants’, continue to spend more time in front of the TV than they do social networking, with the average child spending 131 minutes viewing television, but only 75 minutes browsing the web.

All eyes have been on the rise of Internet television this week as Netflix’s House of Cards reached a landmark in winning an Emmy award, but Panasonic’s survey data says that TV on demand is taking up on average 107 minutes of our time a week, while just 59 minutes are spent watching streamed content from online sites.

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