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PeerTV software sets new standards in Internet TV viewing

September 30, 2013

PeerTV is one of the first companies in the market to launch an Android based set top box, the eTV. Bringing together state of the art software and hardware, eTV combines the advantages of the Android operating system, apps and a quick and smooth user experience such that most users do not notice whether they are on the web or watching TV.

The package has three core elements: eTV, the set top box, brings together hardware and advanced software technologies, whilst PeerGlobal is the system’s software device management application. Finally, PeerHub delivers rich content, asset management and categorisation and multiple APIs for quick and simple integration with third-party applications and services such as external CRM, billing and user management systems.

PeerTV one of the first companies in the market to have hands on experience in large scale migration from Linux based STBs to Android based STBs and the company already has a number of successful large scale field trials completed, with the company now actively pursuing commercial opportunities in both Europe and Latin America.

The eTV GUI plays a pivotal role in delivering the user experience and with its advanced technologies, sets the eTV apart from the competition. It has been carefully designed to meet the unique needs of the OTT marketplace, delivering a flexible platform that can be customised both by the end user and by corporate buyers of the system.  PeerTV is expected to be bought by ISPs, ethnic TV service providers, content providers, cable operator, mobile operators, the hospitality sector, hospitals and academic institutions.

Powered by state of the art 3D technologies typically used to create rich graphical interfaces in video-games(OpenGL, Power VR 3D, Open VG), the eTV GUI provides the viewer with an unique user experience, upgrading web surfing into natural TV watching.

The eTV GUI provides the viewer with highly intuitive and easy to use setup and configuration wizard which delivers a great user experience, very fast setup and configuration, even to non-technical users. As a result, CAPEX on technical support is minimised.

The GUI offers intuitive, fast and fluent navigation and smooth channels zapping. Colour coding enables channels to be grouped according to both content and subject matter, whilst picture aspect ratios can be saved by channel. The cache and synchronize mechanism removes the “Please Wait” experience typical to internet-based applications.

Video on demand searches can be executed with the current channel playing and the user interface can be instantly hidden, so quickly moving to a full screen video playing format. Popular third party applications such as Skype and You Tube are fully supported.

Customisation of the eTV GUI means business partners can easily deliver an individual brand look and feel, with customisable boot logos and animation, on screen logo and design elements key to branding such as colour, font, layout and language choice.

PeerTV’s Device Management System, PeerGlobal, provides enterprise scale end-device control capabilities including device registration and activation, anti-piracy firmware protection, complete remote firmware upgrade, remote file update (of even a single file), remote device reset, device monitoring and more.

PeerTV’s Content Management System, PeerHun,   provides a scalable platform for managing video content, asset management and categorisation, TV package control, electronic programme guide, subscribers account management, content monitoring and more. It also includes multiple APIs for quick and simple integration with third-party applications and services such as external CRM, billing and user management systems.

The technology is delivered to the user via a feature rich set top box built using Android 4 OS and apps running a powerful processor which delivers iinternet access with a traditional TV look and feel.

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