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BT touts Smart TV with Openreach van liveries

October 7, 2013

By Colin Mann

UK telco BT’s Openreach infrastructure business has decorated 400 of its vans with liveries designed to drive awareness of both the availability of fibre and the link between superfast broadband and the next generation of home entertainment.

The maxi vans, which are being driven by hundreds of recently recruited Openreach apprentices and engineers, are adorned with giant images to promote interactive HDTV, video on-demand and TV catch-up services. Openreach says these Smart TV features are increasingly reliant on superfast fibre broadband connections, which are being installed across the country by Openreach.

Rob Lee, Director of Marketing and Communications, Openreach said: “Our broadband infrastructure is right at the heart of the booming smart TV market and we’re driving that message home, literally, to every home and business that we visit in these new vans. We want people to get more out of their TVs, and these wonderful images – which depict spectacular movies and documentaries – are a sign of how people can now steer their TVs in any direction they want to go. That’s particularly true if they take advantage of the superfast speeds and generous bandwidth available on fibre broadband. Openreach vans travel, on average, around 9,000 miles per year, so they really are the perfect way for us to communicate with the whole nation. We hope these vans will turbo charge our own customers’ efforts as they seek to deliver exciting new TV services into homes across the UK.”

The vans will come into service gradually over the next two months and feature three distinct designs:

  • Dinosaur – For TV services with bite
  • Hummingbird – No more humdrum TV
  • Astronaut – Stellar TV on demand


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