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DirecTV hit with ‘Robocalls’ lawsuit

October 7, 2013

Last month it was arch-rival Dish TV that faced a similar action, now it is US satellite giant DirecTV which has been hit by a Class Action alleging that the broadcaster made tens of thousands of unsolicited sales calls to consumers.  The penalties for making unsolicited calls are potentially enormous.

The USA’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requires companies to obtain express consent, in writing and ahead of time, that it may call a consumer. It is further alleged that DirecTV made “multiple, unsolicited robocalls to consumers’ cell phones, offering its satellite television services.”

In several instances, it is also alleged that pre-recorded messages were left on consumers’ answering machines.  According to the complaint, DirecTV did not obtain express consent, written or otherwise, from any of the consumers contacted.  From October 16th 2013, express written consent must be obtained prior to calls being made.

The writ also alleges that some consumers contacted DirecTV several times requesting not to be called again and that such requests went unheeded.


The Class Action is calling for the maximum penalty to be applied to DirecTV, which amounts to $1500 per call.   The plaintiffs in the action say that more than 100,000 consumers were directly affected.

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