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Emerging TV Think Tank

October 9, 2013

Emerging Insider Communications, a boutique public relations and marketing firm launching the TV industry’s first comprehensive multi-discipline Think Tank to address disruptions, innovations and new methodologies across television, advertising, and the entertainment content landscape.

Emerging Insider is bringing together a range of professionals across non-traditional disciplines including media psychologists and research sociologists to pair with their media and brand strategists in order to further understand and position new endeavours, multiscreen methodologies, advertising innovations and smart TV technologies.

The firm believes that as the television and video content marketplace continues to evolve and intersect with the digital landscape, a number of broad spanning crucial initiatives need far greater levels of understanding when it comes to deep psychological and sociological data and understanding. With a slew of innovations, methods and startups that entered and left the market rapidly, the belief is that a greater basis for understanding audience engagement across television, social media and digital devices is the key to evangelising new products and engaging viewers.

Emerging Insider will be bringing in Media Psychologist Pamela Rutledge as a consultant to study and advise upon viewer behavior, analyse user experience and to help to develop novel strategies for engagement. The team also consists of several sociology and anthropology consultants with backgrounds in media to provide deeper understandings of group behaviours and interactions on a holistic level.

Zachary Weiner, CEO of Emerging Insider Communications, stated: “What we’ve seen are a lot of organisations with amazing products and services, but little understanding of how to drive their models forward. A portion of the disconnect found in TV and other media sectors is due to fundamental flaws in the understanding of novel psychology and sociology behind audience behaviors, levels of engagement and motivation. Our goal is to assist our clients and the industry at large in developing products and initiatives that  capitalise on robust insights to better position innovations in the market. A think tank of diverse practice areas to facilitate greater knowledge is needed across the board.”

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