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Aereo for Android

October 10, 2013

Aereo, the controversial provider of over-the-air TV channels to laptops and mobile devices for $8 per month, will be available for Android devices in September, and the app will appear in the Google play store on October 22nd.

Aereo is currently available to Apple users in a handful of US cities, including New York and Boston, where it plays the four big broadcast stations (CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC) and a few smaller channels like Bloomberg TV.

This week the networks said that they had filed a petition with the Supreme Court to reverse a New York appeals court ruling that found that found that Aereo does not infringe copyright because it is akin to a remote, private DVR service. Other courts have ruled differently, creating a patchwork of rules across the country which for now mean that Aereo is legal on the east coast but not the west coast.

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