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AMOS-5 broadcast deal for Eastern Africa

October 14, 2013

Spacecom, operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, has announced that AMOS-5 has won a five-year deal worth $5.9 million for providing broadcast services to an East African video service provider. The customer will use capacity on AMOS-5 to provide both DTT and DTH operations for a digital migration project taking place in the region.

Transmitting on an AMOS-5 Ku-band, the broadcaster will provide both local and international content including news, sports, entertainment and family programming to the region.

“AMOS-5 is proud to be a part of East Africa’s digital migration movement. Our Ku-bands and C-band span the entire region, enabling us to become a central supplier of satellite capacity there,” commented Eyal Copitt, senior vice president of sales for Africa, Asia and marketing. “Delivering high quality service is what elevates AMOS-5 and helps our business grow. Given our volume of broadcast and data projects in East Africa, we are excited for the future.”

AMOS-5 was designed and built specifically for the African market with a pan-African C-band beam, three Ku-bands that cover the continent and provide connectivity to Europe and the Middle East. The satellite envelops every point in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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