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upc cablecom offers more FTA channels in HD

October 16, 2013

upc_cablecomupc cablecom is now offering a total of 27 channels in HD quality in German-speaking Switzerland. These can be received free of charge and without a set-top box as part of the basic package of more than 60 digital channels. The new Swiss entertainment channel S1 TV has also been added to the basic package. The analogue offer will still be available in a reduced form and now includes the 25 most watched channels. In addition, a further 17 channels are now available in HD within the digital products.

Whereas the cable connection previously offered just 35 free channels in analogue quality, upc cablecom customers can now receive more than 60 unencrypted digital channels as part of the basic package. The only requirement is a suitable TV set (DVB-C compatible) or the use of a converter which upc cablecom provides free of charge for its customers.

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