Advanced Television

Study: Targeted ads do drive car sales

October 18, 2013

Videology – a video advertising platform for advertisers and media companies – has released a new report shows targeted digital video drives a significant increase in sales metrics, increases overall advertising effectiveness, and offers a viable option to complement TV campaigns for local auto dealers.

Videology’s objective in this research analysis was to quantify digital video’s ability to drive sales for automotive marketers. Based on data compiled from auto advertisers using the Videology platform over the past six months, this report offers directional results demonstrating how well digital video drives sales for auto dealers and how different geographic, contextual and purchased-based targeting data affects outcomes.

The analysis found that when digital video campaigns target on broad demographic criteria only, the impact on sales of the advertised brand is not as pronounced as in similar campaigns with additional targeting criteria. The report concludes that all automotive campaigns—even national efforts—benefit from an advanced targeting lens if the end goal is to drive sales.

Criteria that have the most positive influence on subsequent purchase behavior include geography, purchase affinity, site selection, frequency, and in some scenarios, even browser selection.

“Digital video can target on precise geographies and discrete consumer segments—including those in-market to buy a car. Common sense says it should work to move cars out of dealerships—and now we have the data to back it up,” said Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO, Videology.

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