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Blockbuster, Airplay and My Media on Slingbox

October 24, 2013

Sling Media has announced Blockbuster On Demand, a premium OTT video service for the Slingbox 500. This is part of a just-released firmware and software client update. Slingbox 500 customers can now search, browse, view trailers and rent premium movies for viewing on their big screen TV in HD quality with a Blockbuster On Demand account.

Slingbox 500 customers will also see enhanced My Media features including the ability to access personal photos and videos stored on a USB drive attached to the Slingbox 500 through the SlingPlayer client software—first on PC/Mac and coming soon on SlingPlayer for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Therefore, customers who have videos and photos stored on a hard drive at home can access the files remotely wherever they happen to be.

Sling Media has also formally announced AirPlay support for SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone and iPad. This feature gives Apple TV customers the ability to watch their home TV on a second TV inside the home (without needing an additional set top box) or on a remote TV.

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