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Measat wants partnership

October 29, 2013

By Chris Forrester

Paul Brown-Kenyon, CEO at Measat, says his company would be happy to consider partnering or joint-venturing with another satellite operator.

“Measat is always looking at options to build the business. Over the last few years we have pursued this through buying additional spacecraft – we have Measat 3b, which is planned for launch early 2014,” Brown-Kenyon told trade magazine Via Satellite. “We have also done this through joint ventures and cooperation with the likes of Thaicom, Azercosmos, and Newsat. We are always open to partnerships with operators at a strategic level. We are always evaluating opportunities and if it makes sense, we will consider the opportunity.”

Measat’s joint-venture project with Azerspace-1/Africasat 1a was launched earlier this year.

Brown-Kenyon expresses considerable enthusiasm for his local markets. “DTH has, and will continue to show, phenomenal growth. DTH growth in markets such as Malaysia, India and Indonesia has been constrained recently due to the lack of availability of capacity. We see this changing over the next few years with the launch for example of Measat 3b and Measat 3c.”

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