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TDF Media empowers Google Glass

October 29, 2013

TDF Media Services has released Google Glass support for its online video platform. The features of the Glass application enable a user to record, tag, share, view and manage the videos by voice activation with TDF’s cloud based video platform.

“We believe that wearable technology is a significant catalyst for the future of online video,” says CEO Julien Seligmann. “In our industry, especially in the corporate sector, content creation has always been a challenge. The ability of the Glass to seamlessly record and share videos is exciting and enables our customers to create content in a more ad hoc and cost efficient way. It is not every day when we get to witness such a disruptive device entering the market. It is important for us to lead the change and provide the latest technology and business opportunities to our customers. Therefore we are happy to support the Glass along with other content creation and consumption devices.”

“Our developers have been wrapping their brains around Google Glass and have begun to see what they can build with it,” explains Ivan Dulguerian, Chief Marketing Officer. “In addition to our first release, the Glass also holds a remarkable opportunity for exciting 2nd screen apps that interact with broadcast online video content. We are committed to explore these promising use scenarios with our customers and turn them into reality”.

The Glass support by TDF Media Services is available for deployment immediately.

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