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65% prefer long form content on mobile

October 30, 2013

Vuclip, the independent mobile video and media company, has released its third quarter 2013 Global Video Insights. The report shines a spotlight on consumer habits and preferences when it comes to viewing mobile video and the latest trend has emerged. Globally, even in areas where fast network speeds are unavailable, people are showing a high level of interest in watching full-length movies and TV shows on their mobile phones. And this is even more prevalent when it comes to those aged 18 and under.

65 per cent of more than 50,000 mobile video viewers worldwide say that they prefer to watch movies or TV episodes over brief music videos or movie clips on their phones. When you slice this by gender, males show this bias even more, with 67 per cent of men versus 57 per cent of women preferring longer content on their phones. When you view this data by age, 74 per cent of those under 18 share this preference.

84 per cent of people say if their favourite TV serial were available via mobile, they would watch it on their phone. This number rises to 92 per cent when considering those under 18. This is slightly higher for movies with 89 per cent of all global respondents saying they would watch a favourite movie on mobile and 94 per cent of those under 18 saying the same.

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