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Intraway M2M platform adds BioScience hardware to mass deliver telemedicine Services

October 30, 2013

Intraway Corporation, a provider of convergent solutions for telecommunications companies, together with BioScience, introduce their solutions to improve health care services through the mass delivery of vital signs’ telemetry.

BioScience BioWave hardware gets patient biological signals through various sensors and transmits the results on a 3G mobile network to Intraway’s M2M management platform.

This platform has applications available to be used immediately and at the same time, it provides simple and well-documented integration interfaces, based on Web Services that allow third parties to develop applications that are rapidly integrated with homologated telemeasurement and telemanagement devices.

“M2M Middleware was created to offer telecommunications companies a solution that facilitates telemetry’s mass delivery and managing several devices available in the market that connect to mobile networks to provide remote follow-up, monitoring and management solutions in all industries,” says Leandro Rzezak, Intraway CEO.

“BioScience products promise a great technological breakthrough to improve the quality of service for outpatients, providing a great opportunity to involve new technologies in the health care industry. We are pleased to have added these devices to our list of homologated products and we expect our customers to start using them quickly, creating innovative and revolutionary products,” Rzezak concluded.

“With our new telemetry solution, patients will benefit from a higher quality of life as continuous monitoring of vital signs will be transmitted. For health professionals, there is now the possibility of faster and agile interventions, constant access to patient data and results as well as optimising the time of dedication to them,” says Claudio Bedoya, BioScience CEO.

Home remote assistance services allow cost reduction, improve response times in the face of medical emergencies and increase patient satisfaction. Moreover, remote monitoring can reduce health care costs, residence times in health centers and unnecessary transport of patients or medical staff.

With these solutions, it is also possible to extend health care and medical coverage, providing specialized care in real time in vulnerable areas.

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