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Civolution’s SyncNow syncs popular Spanish TV programmes

November 5, 2013

Civolution, a provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetising content, and La Moderna, a digital marketing agency specialising in developing new concepts of communication and interactive media, have been selected by Televisió de Catalunya and a national TV channel dedicated to Music to enrich their TV show apps. The collaboration between Civolution and La Moderna provides fans of the reality shows with immersive bonus content across an array of connected devices.

After a hit first series, the popular Spanish music and youth entertainment channel, decided to prolong their programme including engaging 2nd screen experiences on its app. Following the success of the synchronized app, La Moderna and Civolution further collaborated to provide Televisió de Catalunya, the Catalan TV channel, with the ‘Oh Happy Day’ app, which ranked number 6th in the Spanish app store at launch.

The Spanish broadcasters are the latest to call upon Civolution’s SyncNow solution for real time synchronization. Through use of Civolution’s unique audio watermarking technology, audiences are able to sync the apps, such as ‘Oh Happy Day’ in real-time.  These apps have been developed by La Moderna’ s Second Screen Lab and allow fans access to exclusive content on their 2nd screen devices. The apps bring exciting behind-the-scenes extras, including unseen footage, interviews with the cast, backstage teasers as well as real time voting in the case of ‘Oh Happy Day’, allowing viewers to deepen their relationship with the show and fellow fans.

“The adoption of social TV apps is rapidly spreading and we’re seeing large interest for 2nd screen app developments’’ said Nacho Muñoz, CEO, La Moderna. ‘’The combination of the La Moderna app platform and Civolution’s SyncNow ACR technology brings some fantastic added value features, which enable broadcasters like Televisió de Catalunya to provide fans with extra fun layers of content.  At the same time drives new viewership by encouraging people to get involved with the TV show, even outside the standard TV schedule. We are very excited about these projects and looking forward to future successes’’.

“Although we are still in the early stages of the potential of automatic content recognition technology and 2nd screen experiences, we can already sense how the lines between the first and the second screen are becoming blurred” said Andy Nobbs, CMO, Civolution. “Our experiences show that synchronised companion apps can boost viewership and engagement. This is an exciting time for broadcasters as it offers creative new opportunities for TV programming, and new business economics with the emergence of more targeted content and promotions’’.

Civolution’s SyncNow solution enables real-time identification and frame-accurate synchronisation between broadcast, on-demand or recorded television content and interactive applications on companion devices (tablets, smart phones, laptops) to present synchronised interactive user experiences.

La Moderna’s Second Screen Lab, featuring Civolution’s SyncNow solution, offers a wide set of applications, which, thanks to the real time synchronisation, allows broadcasters, producers and brands to enhance their programmes by adding interactive contents that increase viewers engagement.

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