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DEG, Mediamorph new digital retailer reporting

November 7, 2013

Analytics firm Mediamorph and digital home entertainment trade body DEG: The Digital Entertainment have launched a reporting service now available for pilot testing at no cost that they say will improve multi-channel digital retailer sales reporting.

Through the use of Mediamorph’s Data Management Platform, the digital retail industry can now make a significant move toward a fully automated API-based infrastructure. The Digital Retailer Reporting Service was created to conform retail data to the industry-wide DEG Digital Retailer Reporting Specification.

The goal of the Reporting Service is to automate a process that is currently done manually. The DEG, in collaboration with industry participants, has promulgated standards that provide flexibility for retailers to submit their sales and royalty reports to content providers directly via the Digital Retailer Reporting Service Portal, through either API or FTP delivery. These reports will be translated and converted to the industry approved XML format, which will then be delivered to the content providers.

“Creating an agile offering leveraging Mediamorph’s industry-standard cross-platform Data Management Platform is yet another advancement in equipping both retailers and content distributors with critical marketplace data to help them understand and grow their businesses,” DEG Digital Ambassador Larry Wilk said. “The service will provide an industry solution to a problem that many retailers have with providing sales information to content providers. This solution will help drive overall development of the digital market.”

“For the first time, the digital retail industry is moving to a consistent API-based ecosystem based on industry-wide standards. We are proud to have been part of this transformation,” said Michael Sid, Co-Founder and CEO, Mediamorph. “We view this as a tremendous opportunity to reduce the cost of content delivery with the ultimate goal of making more terrific films and television shows available via digital retail around the world.”

Mediamorph – which recently appointed former BSkyB OTT Product Development Director Holly Knill as Managing Director – works with many DEG member companies, and is looking for more digital retailers and content providers to participate and make reporting easier for all parties. Following completion of the pilot, Mediamorph will help companies get the programme implemented.

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