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iConcerts TV launches iConcerts News

November 25, 2013

iConcerts will launch its new shoe iConcerts News on iConcerts HD TV in 85 different countries on November 25th. The show will then be available for free throughout the week for the 500,000 regular platform and application users (Web, Smart TV, smartphones, tablets).

iConcerts News will take place on a weekly basis. Its “short news” format talks about current topics in the worldwide live music scene with exclusive interviews accompanied by live music footages. The show aims to highlight new talents in order to promote the emerging music scene and thus favor the rise of tomorrow’s legends, presentation of the concert venues and live news…

“Alongside Netflix, Hulu and other OTT platforms who are producing their own contents, iConcert News is produced by our internal teams. iConcerts News is only the beginning in a series of other “in-house” productions that will allow iConcerts to stand out and therefore offers the public one further reason to discover us, to live and experience our unique live music universe”, explains Mathieu Sibille, CEO of the company. “Advanced discussions with co-producers are allowing us to consider new exclusive programmes to be launched in early 2014.”

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