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Sony updates Bravia 4K displays

November 29, 2013

By Chris Forrester

Sony Japan is making available a software update for its Bravia X-range of 4K displays. The upgrade means that the giant TV sets can now handle HDMI v2.0 connectivity.  Sony has two X-models in the market measuring 55” (X8) and 65” (X9).  As yet there are no instructions on whether the update is available to European set-owners.

HDMI v2.0 is capable of handling the much larger data rates needed by 4K transmissions.

The major difference that HDMI v2.0 enables, besides basic connectivity, is in frame rate. The new software permits frame refresh rates of 50 and 60 Hz (depending on the market) while the former HDMI 1.4 version could only handle 25/30 Hz (frames/second). However, HDM1 v2.0 is still only capable of handling an 8 bit-depth, not the 10-bit recommended by many broadcasters.

Set-owners can reportedly log onto Sony’s website and download the update to a memory stick which can be transferred into the display. However, the upgrade does not apply to Sony’s huge 84” displays.

European buyers were promised “free” upgrades when the sets were unveiled at IFA in August.

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