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Video games market worth €82bn in 2017

December 6, 2013

By Nik Roseveare

marioIDATE has delivered its future forecasts in the latest edition of its World Video Game Market report. The report forecasts an average 11 per cent annual growth over the next four years, driving the global gaming market from €54 billion in 2013 to €82 billion in 2017.

IDATE predicts that the global video game market will continue to enjoy steady growth, for two reasons in particular:
– start of the life cycles of the latest generations of handheld and home consoles,
– remarkable growth of the games on mobile devices and online games segments.

Laurent Michaud, Head of IDATE’s Video Game Business and the report’s Project Manager, says, “Growth will be significant up to 2015, after which it will begin to slow as new generation handheld and home consoles reach the end of their life cycle”.

Home consoles will represent 40 per cent of the total market in 2017 against 31 per cent in 2013, an increase that can be explained by the deployment of new consoles. A segment nonetheless well below that of 2008, during the deployment phase of the previous generation (78 per cent).

Handheld consoles will experience a dramatic reduction in presence – generating only 13 per cent of the global market in 2017 in contrast to 22 per cent in 2013. They face increasingly strong competition from games on mobile terminals.

Due to the success of online computer games and handheld gaming, an average annual growth of 11.4 per cent for online gaming and 12.2 per cent for mobile gaming for the period of 2013-2017 can be expected, against 11.1 per cent for the entire video games market.

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