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Rohde & Schwarz: WYCC selects VENICE Media Production Hub to drive workflow efficiency and flexibility

December 9, 2013

WYCC PBS Chicago has selected VENICE, the Media Production Hub from Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH, to bring greater efficiency and flexibility to their content acquisition workflow and enable a more robust quality control (QC) process prior to content distribution.

A key part of WYCC’s quest for greater efficiency related to the combination of their outsourced master control and the lack of codec flexibility in the station’s current server technology. Therefore any replacement server would, at a minimum, need to support Sony XDCAM, WYCC’s codec of choice, and be capable of transcoding content to meet the codec requirements of their master control provider. VENICE’s powerful mix of multi-codec capability, ingest and transcode functionality, and ability to support the QC process through playout of deliverables, made it the ideal choice for increasing the efficiency of WYCC’s back-end workflow.

Moreover, VENICE’s seamless interaction with WYCC’s Avid-based workflow provided additional benefits by delivering files ready for editing while ingest was still occurring, saving time and enhancing productivity. The system’s record scheduler functionality streamlines after-hours acquisition – the station is not staffed 24/7 – without requiring a third-party application. Finally, VENICE’s multi-format, multi-codec approach provides WYCC a great deal of flexibility in content acquisition along with the ability to adapt as their broadcast ecosystem evolves. This adaptability is enhanced by the system’s open platform and file system architecture, which also allows for easy integration.

“For us, the integration of VENICE into our workflow will be a real game changer,” stated Brian Comerford, Director, Engineering and Operations, WYCC. “The system’s integration with our Avid-based workflow, edit-while-ingest functionality, and transcoding capability gives us the ability to turn around material faster. And VENICE’s multi-format, multi-codec support will enable us to use a broader range of available material.”

“We are delighted with WYCC’s selection of VENICE to support their evolving workflow,” declared Eric Hodges, Industry Marketing Manager, Rohde & Schwarz USA. “And we are equally proud the flexibility and efficiency provided by the Media Production Hub aid the station’s mission ‘to enrich, enlighten, entertain and engage the diverse and multi-cultural Chicago area communities.’”

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