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Mexico to develop two orbital slots

December 16, 2013

By Chris Forrester

Mexico will auction off frequencies at two satellite orbital positions that it controls.  Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transportation said it would award licences in Ku-band and C-Band, and it was now determining how the bidding processes might be managed.

The two orbital positions are highly valuable, and are at 113 and 116.8 degrees West, with the nation’s Mexsat-3 already in position at 116.8 degrees West and supplying connectivity to Mexico’s military and government services.  Mexsat should not be confused with Satmex, which is a commercial operation being acquired by Eutelsat. SatMex operates satellites at both the positions mentioned. Satmex-6 is positioned at 113 degrees West and Satmex-8 (launched in March 2013) operates from 116.8 deg West.

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