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Landscape Channel in 42 African countries

December 17, 2013

LandscapeHD has concluded an agreement with Azam Media in Tanzania to provide its languageless lifestyle music channel in 42 countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. The service will be delivered to viewers using the new high powered Eutelsat Ku band satellite at 7 degrees East, giving anyone access to a raft of new channels anywhere in Africa south of the Sahara with a satellite dish.

The Landscape Channel was formed in 1988 and was one of the first programmers to appear on the satellite television horizon, but disappeared from European screens in 2003. Nick Austinug on our vision of a world with one channel that speaks to everyone w, Chairman of the Channel, says “Our bankers in 2003 decided to pull the plithout language, because they concluded that the Internet and television were never going to come together. It is with some pleasure I am pleased to announce Landscape has survived the storm without those bankers and is now heading back on route to become a significant world channel. The Azam feed gives us access to over 800m potential viewers across a major developing continent. Thanks to our unique mini-server distribution we are able to deliver our signal to an uplink anywhere in the world and Azam will now benefit from a channel that could not in the past have economically delivered to their facilities in Africa using the traditional methods”.

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