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DG, Cognitive power interactive TV Ads

December 18, 2013

Multiscreen ad management company DG and Cognitive Networks, a provider of real-time services that power Enhanced TV on Smart TVs, are teaming up to benefit marketers looking to serve interactive ads on TV. Using automatic content recognition (ACR), Cognitive Networks identifies ads on TV and then, through DG MediaMind’s technology, automatically displays an on-screen option for consumers to launch an extended, interactive experience directly on screen.

DG and Cognitive Networks’ technology work across time-shifted (VoD and DVR) and live TV environments. Since DG’s technology loads at runtime on the TV, there’s no need for users to manually download or install anything in advance on their Smart TVs.

“Through ACR technology, advertisers are able to augment their existing television campaigns with engaging and interactive viewing experiences,” said Michael Collette, CEO of Cognitive Networks. “Connected TV Interactive advertising is no longer limited to ads on the home screen, a programme guide, or tied to specific pay-TV operators. Advertisers are now capable of delivering customised interactions through enhanced functionality while increasing the value of traditional TV advertisements.”

Through the partnership, advertisers’ TV campaigns can be augmented with an interactive call to action, which when initiated by the user, launches an immersive full screen interactive experience. The call-to-action and the interactive ad experience are all standard HTML5 ads served from the DG MediaMind platform and the turnaround time is no different than a standard rich media campaign today. From the optimisation to the in-depth reporting and analytics, all of the standard capabilities of the DG MediaMind platform are supported.

“The combination of Cognitive Networks’ ACR technology and DG MediaMind’s digital campaign management platform creates the ideal environment for advertisers to run interactive TV campaigns today, without having to worry about proprietary technology,” said Ricky Liversidge, DG CMO. “The beauty of this technology is that it’s natural for the user. It works on any spot in any viewing environment – live or time shifted – with standard HTML5 creative.”

In addition to DG MediaMind’s creative, optimization and data capabilities, Cognitive Networks’ additional data sets give advertisers greater insight into where and when their TV spots were viewed.

The partners expect to see the first interactive TV campaigns launch in the US in early 2014.

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