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Clearleap and Accedo partner for multiscreen

December 18, 2013

Clearleap, a provider of multiscreen video logistics for the television industry, has partnered with Accedo to solve the challenges content owners and service providers face in the evolving pay-TV marketplace. The integration of Accedo’s application development toolkit and Clearleap’s subscriber and session management and modular workflow centralises process intelligence and provides fully-scaled device management and control. It does this all while future-proofing for additional devices and platform updates.

In an increasingly complex multiscreen landscape, both companies adhere to the philosophy that roll out to new devices should be efficient and seamless from development to deployment. The complementary architectures allow both Clearleap and Accedo customers the flexibility to use the platforms as a white-label solution or to enable direct-to-consumer engagement. By extracting manual processes into automated, cloud-based application suites, the partnership accelerates deployment timeframes and allows for instant updates across devices. Compatible modular structures provide the capacity to plug in at any step in the process, which can support both an initial transition to a multiscreen strategy and the long-term management of those services.

“This partnership brings to market a proven solution that is not only efficient, but also future-proof,” said Michael Lantz, CEO at Accedo. “Content owners and service providers are looking to work with technology partners that can support their existing platforms but also handle new devices and continuous updates. Our combined platforms emphasize our strengths and give our clients opportunities for expansion and flexibility within their multiscreen strategies.”

“The development and delivery of content to devices is incredibly complex, even without the constant influx of new devices. Companies can no longer silo their multiscreen operations without sacrificing efficiency,” said Dave Mowrey, Product Manager at Clearleap. “Together with Accedo, we’re providing a premium service that simplifies the technological complexities in initiating and maintaining a multiscreen strategy. This gives our clients the flexibility to transition to new and evolving business models and focus on their core business of creating great content.”

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