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Mediaset launches Infinity OTT service

December 18, 2013

Mediaset’s new Infinity OTT television service has launched using Intertrust’s ExpressPlay DRM platform to protect valuable video content.

Mediaset’s Infinity service is built on the tivùon! system, an open platform for the Italian TV market developed by a consortium comprised of Mediaset, Telecom Italia, and RAI. Tivùon! uses the Marlin open standard as its exclusive DRM, which is built into major brand televisions and a variety of set top boxes in Italy.

ExpressPlay is a one-stop, cloud-based DRM service that provides Marlin DRM protection to content that plays on PCs, smart TVs, set top boxes, game consoles, tablets, and mobile phones.  It is based on the Marlin DRM standard that is now broadly deployed in national initiatives and proprietary services in Italy, the UK, France, China, and Japan.

Infinity TV is a VoD service from Mediaset for streaming movies and television serials. A monthly subscription to the service costs €9,99. The service is available on PCs, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, and set top boxes. It is also available on devices labeled tivùon! that support Marlin DRM. This includes set top boxes from ADB (models iCan 2850ST and 1850S and 3820T) and LG TVs (platforms H13 and M13).

The service is currently available on TivùSat channel 899, to any user with an ADB device or LG labeled tivùon! and tivùsat HD (or HD-ready). Tivùon! is the new OTT technology certified by Tivù, the Italian technical consortium from Rai, RTI, and Telecom Italia Media. It creates a multi-player, multi-device, open standards-based DRM environment for OTT players eager to reach their customers with a simple, cost effective, solution.

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