Advanced Television

Widespread TV Everywhere unfamiliarity

January 3, 2014

Findings from a recent survey carried out by next-generation video and search experience specialist RAMP on consumers’ awareness and usage of TV Everywhere have revealed that 82 per cent of respondents are unfamiliar with TV Everywhere, and only 4 per cent know their login details.

The survey also found that:

  • 27 per cent of respondents were unaware they had an email address provided by their ISP
  • 53 per cent of respondents were aware of their ISP-provided email address, but didn’t use it
  • 67 per cent have never watched TV through their cable provider’s website or app

“This survey illustrated that awareness and usage of TV Everywhere is considerably low, and we suspect that this is partially due to the TV Everywhere user experience,” said Tom Wilde, CEO, RAMP. “In most cases, there are few compelling reasons for consumers to engage with and return to their cable provider’s online experience. In addition, cable programmers seem to be missing key opportunities to strengthen their brands and affinity with viewers by delivering more compelling experiences than traditional linear TV offers.”

Wilde said that by delivering unique viewing experiences in the context of TV Everywhere including contextually-related content, recommended videos based on user behaviour, and related advertising, RAMP customers have reported three times greater engagement, increases of 50-300 per cent in minutes per session, and 10x greater click-through rates on advertising. “This makes TV Everywhere more engaging for the consumer, and gives programmers and cable providers more opportunities to engage with their audience through related content and offer more sponsorship opportunities for advertisers,” he advised.

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