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ActiveVideo brings Web-style simplicity and scale to interactive ads for Television and connected devices

January 7, 2014

ActiveVideo has extended the power of Cloud UIs for pay-TV providers, online video providers and the CE industry, unveiling new functionality that enables its CloudTV software platform to deliver web-style interactive TV advertising at scale.

The introduction of CloudTV AdCast, an interactive ad distribution software platform, frees television advertising and T-commerce applications from device dependencies.  It enables ads written once in HTML5 – including existing Web ads – to ubiquitously provide advertisers with a consistency of experience on set-top boxes (STBs) and connected devices. CloudTV AdCast enables pay-TV providers to deliver interactive TV ads to entire service footprints and allows connected device manufacturers to monetize devices after the point of sale.

In tandem with BrightLine, ActiveVideo is in-market with delivery of targeted, interactive, measureable ads from major consumer financial and cosmetics brands, using CloudTV AdCast and BrightLine’s In-Television™ solution

ActiveVideo will be demonstrating CloudTV AdCast and other applications of Cloud UIs in a private suite at the Renaissance Las Vegas hotel January 7-10.

“The fragmentation and limitations of connected devices and set-top boxes have kept television advertising largely frozen in time and have restricted the personalization, interactivity and metrics that are driving the growth of Web ads,” said Jeff Miller, president and CEO of ActiveVideo.  “Using CloudTV AdCast’s ‘write once, deploy everywhere’ environment, pay-TV and online video providers can generate new revenues from interactive ads on STBs and connected devices; connected device manufacturers can monetize devices after the point of sale; and advertisers can use the same creative – including full interactivity — across multiple devices at scale.”

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