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Philips uWand partners with Bimand

January 8, 2014

Bimand, a smart TV technology specialist, will demonstrate its OnScreen Cloud Technology at CES. Bimand’s OnScreen technology is a cloud-based TV information system that delivers contextual information about what the viewer is watching and will allow the viewer to interact with it through the TV screen. The system offers rich interactive capabilities such as information on demand, shopping, voting, and social networking, all in one place, to enhance cable and Internet TV.

OnScreen technology allows both TV programme producers and advertisers a unique opportunity to completely engage with their audiences without the need for a second screen device. Viewers will be able to obtain information on-demand such as program history, celebrity biographies, and game and player statistics. The technology also extends the viewers’ participation with the programme to allow interactive voting and social networking. Its shopping capabilities will let advertisers directly engage with their audiences and will provide viewers both additional information on-demand as well as the ability to purchase the product on the spot or add to a wish list or shopping cart to purchase later. In addition, the solution will deliver valuable viewer insights, preferences, and buying behaviour data to broadcasters and advertisers.

“Today’s Smart TVs are not delivering on their full potential due to their lack of content- and context-awareness. OnScreen technology fills that gap to allow for a fully immersive, simple, and intuitive TV viewing experience,” said Fadi Albatal, CEO of Bimand. “We are excited about the opportunity to demonstrate our OnScreen technology with Philips. The uWand remote control technology gives us the high precision gesture control capability to complement our OnScreen Cloud offering and deliver on our promise of simplicity.”

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