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Massive Interactive delivers Demand 5 app on Xbox One and PS3

January 9, 2014

Working for Channel 5, Massive Interactive has ensured that Demand 5, the free TV on demand service from Channel 5, is one of the first entertainment apps available on both the Xbox One and PS4 consoles. The easy-to-use viewing experience also incorporates the latest device functionalities of the Xbox One such as voice and gesture control. With services reaching the largest number of platforms of any commercial broadcaster in the UK, Channel 5’s new apps continue to demonstrate their leadership in delivering entertainment to its viewers anywhere on any device.

James Tatam, Digital Media Director at Channel 5 said “Being able to deliver a high quality viewer experience on a wide range of consumer devices is what continues to drive us, and Massive’s speed of delivery using their UI framework toolkit has certainly helped us achieve that.”

The rapid delivery by Massive Interactive took a fraction of the time usually seen in the industry to develop such complex apps. The PS4 back-end development took less than a month from start through to certification, and the Xbox One UX design and implementation was delivered in just over two months.

The influence of next generation gaming consoles on content delivery is expected to grow. According to a recent report from Wedbush Securities, their analysts expect the PS4 to sell 37.7 million units worldwide by the end of 2016 while predicting the Xbox One should have an install base of 29 million units in the same time frame [1]<file:///C:/Users/James/Dropbox/Massive%20Marketing%20%23%23/Press%20releases/Channel%205/Massive_consoles_PR_final%20030114.docx#_ftn1> These projected figures only add pressure on content owners and broadcasters to ensure that their apps are available on these devices in order to stay connected to their audience.

“Streamlined delivery platforms delivered at lower cost with reduced future operating expense requirements and at swift speed to market are primary considerations for video service providers as they address an increasingly complex multi-device marketplace”, said Ron Downey, CEO of Massive Interactive. “Delivering apps for the next generation games consoles and our work with Channel 5, is yet another great example of our expertise in providing both end-to-end content delivery and device management technology as well as user experience design. We’re making the cost-effective, rapid deployment of their services an achievable reality for our clients.”

With offices in London, New York, Prague and Sydney, Massive Interactive has over 17 years experience in interactive television, providing content delivery platforms and UX design for a range of leading and innovative content service providers such as Channel 5, BBC, BT Vision, Deutsche Telekom, Rogers, Foxtel and SKY NZ.

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