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NeuMovie boost for UltraViolet

January 9, 2014

NeuMovie, a digital platform that allows consumers to watch, rent, and purchase movies, has selected end-to-end content monetisation and management platform CSG Content Direct as the exclusive NeuMovie go-to-market solution for all digital content ecosystem UltraViolet-based solutions. CSG Content Direct will form the backbone of the NeuMovie online storefront by supporting direct-to-consumer digital content and commerce across multiple devices.

“Content Direct has become the global leader in UltraViolet implementation, content monetisation, and on-device applications,” said Kent Steffen, president of CSG Content Direct. “The NeuMovie agreement highlights the demand for UltraViolet’s international expansion and allows retailers to become serious players in the digital-content delivery arena.”

CSG Content Direct brings many of Hollywood’s largest studios to market with direct-to-consumer online storefronts. NeuMovie taps this expertise by enabling the distribution of tangible in-store and online products with digital features to a wide range of global retail outlets. These retailers can then offer a broad range of high-profile movies, television shows, UltraViolet digital copy redemption, robust digital lockers, and streaming and download access to content in their physical stores and online. The end result is a multidevice content experience that NeuMovie claims is powerful, engaging, and simple to use.

“We’ve been diligently seeking a partner that can enable our clients to offer the best available content streaming and downloading directly to their consumers,” said Raffi DiBlasio, vice president of digital strategy and operations at NeuMovie. “We were looking for a way to leverage non-traditional retailers and e-tailers in the home entertainment arena, and CSG Content Direct provides us with the best solution in the market.”

NeuMovie’s proprietary marketing strategy and Content Direct’s settlement and reporting tools allow retailers to participate in cross-promotional revenue sharing. NeuMovie partners not only can track downloads and purchases, but also can boost top- and bottom-line growth through long-term loyalty reward programmes and consumer-specific NeuMovie purchases.

As part of the in-store and online customer experience:

  • Up to five different users can be added to every account, allowing families and friends to share content through multiple user accounts and devices.
  • Sophisticated parental control features allow for access limits based on industry ratings for language, content, and more.
  • Major Hollywood studios support the platform, which means consumers have access to the latest available releases as they roll out.

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