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Warner Bros channel 24hr ban in India

January 20, 2014

By Chris Forrester

Turner Broadcasting’s localised WB channel has run into a problem with India’s tough censorship administrators over the transmission of a movie.  WB aired the romantic comedy. “It’s a Boy/Girl Thing” which in India is rated V/UA (implying “all ages but Parental Guidance is advised) and without cuts to the movie.

The movie – in its Hollywood version – contains a shower scene where there is some nudity – and other scenes of a sexual nature.  In the US the movie is rated PG-13.  In the UK it is rated U-12A. In Malaysia the movie is banned.

The WB channel is to banned for 24 hours starting at midnight on Jan 24.

The film was transmitted at 11.51am and according to India’s Ministry of Information & Broadcasting the movie, as shown, contained “highly objectionable” content which “denigrate women”. The ministry found some scenes “very offensive and obscene” and the portrayal of the sex change – the movie’s core plot – in bad taste. “The visuals are not fit to be viewed by children and also not suitable for unrestricted public exhibition”.

Turner Broadcasting in its response apologised and said it was not fully aware of the 15 voluntary and 16 compulsory cuts required by India’s film classification board, and had complied completely with the classification certification. Tuner later apologised for airing the film and admitted an internal mistake.

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