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BBC launches iWonder interactive guides

January 21, 2014

The BBC has launched iWonder, a new digital service to boost its anniversary coverage of World War I with additional interactive content.

Eight iWonder interactive guides are available at launch with plans to introduce a further 17 by the end of January.

In a blog post, Andrew Pipes, Executive Product Manager at BBC, explained: “BBC iWonder is for these curious minds, and at its’ heart is a new content format, interactive guides. Guides will invite people to lean forward, and actively explore a range of factual and education topics from Science and Natural History, Arts, History, Religion and Ethics, Food and more…”

“Interactive guides take a different approach to presenting content compared to traditional web articles or TV and radio programmes online. They organise video and audio, rich infographics, written summaries, and activities into stories that make the most of our interactive medium. We know from plenty of research that people learn better by doing, and we’ve designed our guides to be “sit forward,” placing a user’s interactions with the content at the core of the experience. Interactive guides take the audience through a series of steps that ask them to look at multiple perspectives of intriguing questions, always with the chance to reflect on the significance of the story at the end.”

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