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Super Bowl drives US TV sales

January 21, 2014

By Nik Roseveare

NFL-TVA survey by TNS Global buying trends for TVs in the US, especially related to the upcoming Super Bowl. With TV purchases increasing each January (1 million in 2005 to over 7 million in 2013), the survey verifies the growth claiming it’s now the leading time of year that Americans say they will buy a TV.

Of those surveyed online, 30 per cent said they will purchase a new TV this year (35 per cent males, 25 per cent females and 38 per cent under age 30). Almost one third of those will buy a TV during Super Bowl sales.

When asked which sales event respondents were most likely to make a new TV purchase, they answered:

– 32 per cent said Super Bowl Sales
– 25 per cent said Black Friday Sales
– 8 per cent said December/Holiday Sales
– 6 per cent said Cyber Monday
– 28 per cent said a variety of Other Seasonal Sales

The survey also reveals that their purchasing decisions are influenced most by price and the majority will spend less than $500. Respondents the most important factor was:

– 45 per cent said Price
– 35 per cent said Features
– 20 per cent said Brand

The response to which TV brand do respondents plan to purchase revealed that Samsung was the most popular answer:

– 33 per cent said Samsung
– 18 per cent said Sony
– 16 per cent said LG
– 14 per cent said Vizio
– 6 per cent said Panasonic
– 3 per cent said Sharp
– 4 per cent said Budget Brands
– 6 per cent said Other

Of Note: LG was most popular with Midwest TV Buyers (34 per cent) and Sony most popular brand for lower income shoppers (25 per cent).
Size does matter!

Large screens are proving more popular with buyers, with over 75 per cent of survey respondents saying that wanted a 40” screen or bigger”

– 24 per cent said 39” or less
– 45 per cent said 40” – 54”
– 25 per cent said 55” – 69”
– 6 per cent said 70” or bigger

HD proved to still be the most desired feature for a TV, trumping both 3D and Smart TV functions amongst respondents, with 4K only attracting a small interest at least stage of its evolution. The most important feature for a new TV was:

– 14 per cent said 720p HD TV
– 46 per cent said 1080p HD TV
– 34 per cent said 1080p HD TV (Smart/3D)
– 6 per cent said 4K

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