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Big Data enhancing ability to control viewer experience

January 23, 2014

Video intelligence and big data processing specialist Conviva has revealed that it processed over 45 billion streams in 2013, increasing the size of its global intelligence base by more than four times over the last two years, and suggested that this growth is a strong factor in enabling its customers better to serve the Internet video delivery sector and take control of the viewing experience.

“2013 was a landmark year for Conviva on many fronts, highlighted by surpassing 45 billion streams processed. The growth of our business across customers, geographies and products serves to expand our global intelligence base and the power of our data and platform,” said Hui Zhang, CEO and co-founder of Conviva. “By expanding the number of streams and devices that feed our big data processing platform, we are better equipped to improve the viewing experience for consumers everywhere. The data that is collected and analysed through Conviva’s Intelligent Control Platform is the key to empowering our customers to deliver TV-quality video over the Internet.”

The 45 billion streams measured by Conviva in 2013 were seen across more than 1.6 billion devices – including PCs, tablets, smartphones and connected TVs – in 180 countries and on more than 400 premium media video players. Utilising this global intelligence and the power of its Intelligent Control Platform, Conviva says it made over four million corrective actions per day for individual viewers, devices and routes to improve the viewing experience and the overall business model of content publishers and service providers around the world.

Contributing to the increase in streams monitored was the significant expansion of Conviva’s global presence. In 2013, Conviva established new relationships with a number of prominent online video providers, including CNTV, the digital arm of China’s National Broadcaster, pay-as-you-go digital entertainment service M-Go, and with HBO and HBO Go. These high-profile brands, along with many others, joined Conviva’s roster of premium publisher and service provider customers who have partnered with Conviva with the aim of consistently delivering a high-quality experience for their viewers.

“The tremendous growth we saw in 2013 is proof that mainstream consumers are turning online for their video content more than ever before, bringing with them high expectations for a TV-comparable experience,” said Zhang. “The brands that are realising the benefits and profitability of online video offerings are those that leverage the massive amounts of actionable data available through Conviva’s Intelligent Control Platform. Through the power of our game-changing technology, our customers can take control of the viewing experience and build solid business models despite the unpredictability of Internet video delivery.”

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