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Beachfront.iO video ad platform for TV apps

January 27, 2014

Beachfront Media, the video technology company, has unveiled its next-generation video ad mediation platform for TV apps.  With Beachfront.iO, video publishers and developers who have created TV apps can now monetise them and mediate all of their video ad networks, trading desks, and direct campaigns using Beachfront.iO.

With Beachfront.iO, publishers and app developers can use one SDK for all of their ad sources and gain access to a rich, ad-serving platform combined with ad mediation and management functionality for Connected TV, gaming consoles, and Roku apps.

“Today it is common for publishers to use a number of ad sources across their apps. We believe that publishers should be able to manage and optimise ad networks through one easy-to-use interface,” said CEO and Founder of Beachfront Media, Frank Sinton.  “We make it possible for video publishers to maximise revenue and maintain control of their video advertising across mobile, tablet and TV apps.”

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