Advanced Television

New patented method for broadband delivery

January 30, 2014

DTVCast, a  developer of wireless broadband technology, has been granted a patent that enhances the use of UHF broadcast TV spectrum for high speed broadband and content delivery services. Through the use of sectorisation of TV spectrum, the new patented method quadruples the broadband throughput capacity of a single existing or new broadcast TV channel creating unique applications for content delivery and broadband access.

The patented technology allows a single UHF/VHF TV channel to be sectorised into four separate quadrants, capable of delivering a total of 77.56 Mbps of throughput. This technology enhancement dramatically improves the previous capacity of 19.39 Mbps per UHF/VHF channel. With this added broadband capacity, DTVCast’s REACH solution is an attractive vehicle for over the air direct-to-consumer content delivery, capable of bypassing an increasingly complex net neutrality debated broadband access environment.

“Our patented broadband technology combined with the extensive existing infrastructure of broadcast television towers, transmitters and facilities offers a quick go-to-market opportunity for IP based content delivery to over 100 million consumer homes already covered by an existing base of over 8000 broadcast TV stations nationwide,” says DTVCast CEO John Kyle. “The DTVCast REACH solution can help ensure the promise of the open Internet, where the fair and equitable delivery of content over broadband networks to end consumers occurs without encumbrance or additional cost.”

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