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Poland abandons Standard Definition

February 6, 2014

By Chris Forrester

polandPoland’s public broadcaster Telewizja Polska will switch completely to high-definition from March 15. TVP’s CEO said the nation’s two main public channels (TVP1 and TVP2) will be available only on HD, according to a local report.  The two channels added HD versions in June 2012.

TVP also has a large bouquet of speciality and local channels serving the country’s main cities, and it is not yet clear how these will be managed into a restructuring of the county’s digital multiplexes.

Polish news-site says “The channels TVP1 HD and TVP2 HD will be available exclusively in the third DVB-T multiplex. Another change in the programme offer was announced for 15 February, when TP releases part of the first multiplex for new channels that won the tender by the Broadcasting Council (KRRiT). The TVP channels will be available mainly on the third multiplex, except for the new children’s channel TVP ABC, which will be part of the first multiplex.”

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