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Spain: Further DTT channel closure

February 14, 2014

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spain’s DTT platform is further diminishing following the closure of another DTT channel, Intereconomia TV, lacking the financial resources to keep it on air.

This is the second DTT channel to close down – the first being Marca TV – after the Supreme Court’s decision to invalidate the awarding of nine DTT channels. The closure follows MTV’s decision to pull out of the DTT platform and opt for pay-TV.

Intereconomia TV was occupying one of the DTT channels operated by NET TV, with up to four channels, and its position might be taken by Real Madrid TV, currently a pay-TV channel. Any reorganisation will be subject to an upcoming decision by the Administration about the closure of nine DTT channels as called for by the Supreme Court.

The private TV Association UTECA has urged the Government to make a move and put an end to the uncertainty that the DTT market currently faces. The DTT reorganisation was initially intended to take place in the last quarter of 2013 in time to allocate the so-called digital dividend for the provision of 4G mobile services, scheduled for January 2014. With the whole process now being delayed, it seems that the Government will make a decision over the next weeks.

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