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Accenture, KPN Google Glass solution

February 24, 2014

Accenture and Holland’s KPN have developed a proof of concept using Google Glass and the Accenture Video Solution (AVS) for interactive television viewing, storage and control.

 Accenture noted that the companies are exploring the potential applications of wearable technologies for television viewers, even though not yet developed as a commercial product.

The company noted that they will demonstrate the proof of concept at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Using KPN’s Interactive TV service, which is built on the Accenture Video Solution software platform and enables subscribers to watch TV on more devices, the companies will show how Google Glass integrates with the AVS platform to offer hands-free, voice-controlled interaction, and seamlessly shares TV content between the main TV screen and Google Glass, the company said.

The proof of concept was developed in collaboration with researchers at Accenture Technology Labs.

Diederik Rosenbaum, director TV at KPN, said, “We are constantly looking for differentiating services we can offer to our subscribers. In the past, we were the first to bring relevant innovative services to the Dutch market like 4G, TV on mobile devices and start-over TV. This concept is the latest idea we are exploring to enrich the TV experience of our customers.”

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