ZTE backs 4K STB

Chinese telecoms technology company ZTE has used Mobile World Congress to unveil a 4K/p60 set-top box. The device uses Broadcom’s latest BCM7252 chip and can handle Ultra-HDTV’s 4K x 2K/p60 (3840 x 2160 pixels) processing and decoding.

ZTE says its set-top solution (ZXV10-B803) supports the H.265 advanced compression algorithm with the same quality as H.264.

The ZTE ZXV10 B803 also has a powerful CPU with a processing capability of 10k DMIPS (Dhrystone million instructions per second), enabling faster processing and a better user experience in comparison to current HD STBs. ZTE said the new product will help it better target the high end of the TV market.

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