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Neptun TV expands PlayBox Technology

March 6, 2014

PlayBox Technology has announced the completion of a large system expansion at the headquarters of Romanian broadcaster Neptun TV.

“PlayBox Technology has worked with us as a partner for many years and was there at every important step we made in developing our production and playout infrastructure,” states Neptune TV’s Executive Manager Dan Dumitru. “In our first few years of operation we have expanded our resources and our reach, opening a new studio in Bucharest and sourcing content from reporters in every major city in the country.

“This latest upgrade will enable us to offer high-definition content delivery as part of our strategy of delivering the best possible content to maximise viewer’s attention. Many Romanian households now possess full 1080-line television receivers and can appreciate the high image detail HD offers compared with 625-line standard definition. This year we have made a new agreement with Playbox in changing all our playout and graphics machines to the latest versions.”

“Neptun TV is an excellent example of a broadcaster promoting Romanian news and culture not just in its home country but worldwide,” comments PlayBox Technology Sales Managing, Alexander Stoyanov. “Its efficiency, creativity and wide reach form a model which all broadcasters could usefully follow given the increasing mobility of television viewers beyond their birthplace. We are very pleased to have assisted in the success of Neptun TV’s SD channel and to be supporting this latest expansion.”

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