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Cleeng Live! knocks down wall of live PPV complexity

March 12, 2014

Cleeng, the company that successfully managed Pay-Per-View events for brands like TEDMED and Cirque du Soleil, is announcing Cleeng Live!, an easy-to-use and free solution that makes Live PPV accessible and profitable for everyone, disrupting the $200 billion global Entertainment and Conferencing industry.

For the first time ever, Cleeng Live! allows content owners to easily set-up a paywall for their Live events, for free. In just 2 minutes, they will be able to open up their live broadcasts to the global Internet audience – mobile and Web – while creating a new and more robust revenue stream, beyond just advertising.

“While Live content generates 6X more revenue per user than video-on-demand programming, we kept on hearing from event organizers that selling Live PPV is just a too complex and costly option to be even considered” explains Cleeng CEO Gilles Domartini “Our inspiration for Cleeng Live! was Eventbrite, as it allows any event organizer to set up a live event in a few clicks. We have finally removed all barriers for broadcasters and make Live PPV easy and free for everyone.”

Leading brands like TEDMED, Cirque du Soleil, the British Basket Ball League, the Swedish Ice Hockey League, WBA boxing or the Massachusetts University have successfully used Cleeng to monetize their premium content and now with Cleeng Live! any organizer, be it a local cook celebrity, an iconic fitness studio, a huge global concert or a sporting event, can start – in just 2 minutes – monetizing their live-streamed event to millions of Internet viewers.

How to Create, Sell and Manage a Live stream event in minutes?

·     Create an event, using one of the 9 pre-set templates, set your price, countries geo-blocking, a streaming platform and promotional tools

·     Pre-booking can start immediately, using of the 150 accepted payment methods and promo codes

·     Manage your event: track sales and user satisfaction, control interactions, and engage with your audience

Meanwhile, Cleeng will handle everything: secured access across device(s), peak sales, customer support and financial reporting and billing.

Cleeng Live! is fully integrated with the leading Online Video Platforms: our Certified launch Partners (Brightcove and Kaltura) provide an optimal user experience and increased video security, although publishers can also use, with confidence Dailymotion, Livestream, YouTube and many more.

After the show, and beyond pay-per-view, Cleeng also supports a wide variety of business models including video-on-demand, subscriptions, metered paywalls, and bundles to engage with the audience and grow the business.

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