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ruwido ‘3D input sphere’ technology

March 13, 2014

Next week’s TV Connect 2014 event will see the launch of the ‘bubble interaction mechanism’ ecosystem, the latest product solution from ruwido, the Austrian remote control specialist. The new system enables innovative TV experiences for consumers by implementing the company’s ‘3D input sphere’ and latest advanced user interface.

ruwido’s end to end solution comprises of a remote control and set-top box, which syncs seamlessly with the company’s next generation user interface, developed specifically to ensure a new dimension of function pleasure.

The navigational element, the ‘3D input sphere’, is fundamental to the experience, allowing the interface to be explored with ease, so that the user always has a complete understanding of where he or she is positioned. The incorporation of tactile feedback functionality into the solution allows the user to directly communicate their intentions to the dynamic interface, putting joy back into navigation. Rather than static elements, content and menu options are displayed in dynamic ‘bubbles’ that can be chosen or swept away, depending on people’s interest.

According to Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido, the latest product architecture provides a new and joyful approach to interaction. “The user is able to consciously manoeuvre through the streamlined interface, which is compatible across both 2D and 3D screens. Our research has shown that users, in such a screen intensive age, respond better to an interface which doesn’t resemble the Excel spread sheet they may have been using at work. In the context of the living room experience, consumers want and need an interface which both retains and improves upon the aesthetics and functionality of traditional linear menus.”

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