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AirTies launches HEVC/4K wireless STBs

March 17, 2014

AirTies Wireless Networks, a supplier of advanced wireless and OTT/IPTV technologies, is launching a new family of HEVC/4K set-top boxes that offer satellite-quality live and on-demand video to any subscriber with a broadband connection.  By harnessing the compression capabilities of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), AirTies’ new generation of STBs offer double the video quality at the same bit rate and reduce networking costs.  The improved efficiency of HEVC also means that IPTV becomes viable for subscribers without access to adequate broadband speed.

The Air 7410 family of STBs consist of a small OTT/IPTV STB, and a hybrid DVB-T/OTT version available now in trial quantities. All versions utilise the latest Broadcom 7251 System-on-a-chip (SOC) chipset with10K DMIP CPU, an HEVC decoder, 4K TV display and USB 3.0 plus AirTies’ hallmark wireless video connectivity.

According to Bulent Celebi, Chairman and co-Founder of AirTies: “HEVC is really opening up the market and driving strong interest amongst our clients. For Pay TV operators it enables them to broaden their TV Everywhere offerings to anyone with a broadband connection and it opens up lucrative new markets by allowing them to launch a full Pay-TV service without needing to deliver the broadband service themselves.”

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