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More DTH problems in Iran

March 18, 2014

By Chris Forrester

There were localised demonstrations in western Iran when police confiscated satellite dishes in a small town. Reportedly the police were forced to leave the town with three policemen injured.

These confiscation raids have increased over recent months with the regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) aggressively seizing dishes and receivers. IRIG’s deputy commander is on record as saying that satellite reception of foreign TV programmes is “creating a negative wave” and that such transmissions come from “the enemy”.

Hamid Khoramdel, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards in Bushehr said that “more than 3000 satellite networks are engaged in activities against the Iranian regime and are infusing their own goal among the Iranian people.”Bushehr is a town on the western coast of Iran, facing Kuwait.

Khoramdel said: “More than 3000 accessible satellite networks in the country are indirectly imposing their goal on the people.”  He added that that most of the damage to the country during the 2009 uprising was caused by internet and opposition satellite networks.  Iran’s culture minister said in December 2013 that more than 70 percent of people of Tehran are watching banned satellite channels.

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