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Russia’s Dozhd TV coming to an end

March 24, 2014

By Chris Forrester

Moscow-based independent channel Dozhd (‘Rain’) TV is likely to be turned out from its Krasnyy Oktyabr (Red October) offices by the end of June.

The channel, already squeezed financially because of a controversial broadcast on January 26th, has received a letter from the business centre’s managers saying that the channel’s lease will end in June and not be extended.

The controversial transmission included a web-survey and discussion during a live show which asked whether Leningrad should have been surrendered to the invading Nazis during the last war, and thus saved the lives of “hundreds of thousands” of Russian soldiers and defenders.

The show generated an enormous response, mostly negative, and included critical comments from the Kremlin. Subsequently, cable operators declined to take the channel and it is these financial actions that seem to indicate the channel cannot continue.

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