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Private Label Mobile TV touts broadcasting innovation

March 26, 2014

By Colin Mann

Positioning itself as “the biggest innovation in the history of TV broadcasting” and promising to level the broadcasting playing field, create new revenue streams for celebrities and organisations, and enrich the viewer experience, US start-up operation Private Label Mobile TV hopes further to loosen the stranglehold of cable television providers.

It claims that boosting revenue and adding a new dimension to the fan experience are just two of the benefits of the service. Private Label Mobile TV allows users to attend virtual events or see live concerts via pay-per-view from anywhere; content creators enjoy the freedom that comes with ownership capabilities and control of everything on their channel.

“Private Label Mobile TV is positioning itself as the biggest innovation in the history of TV broadcasting,” commented company representative Gabrielle Moise. “From the perspective of fans, mobile TV is fun, entertaining and engaging; it’s a multi-sensory experience that fosters a true community spirit within a fan base.”

It says that its revenue won’t come from “pricey” subscription fees, as is the case with standard television. Instead, celebrities and organisations can sell ad space on their channels; sell their own products directly on the screen, or both. It suggests that cable providers can easily convert traditional channels or an entire network into a mobile network, and cell phone providers can have customised channels pre-installed on to their devices to enhance their brand. It claims the mobile technology aspect of the service opens up a host of options that not even the smartest Smart TV can match.

According to Private Label Mobile TV, one of the most compelling aspects of the service is the chance to engage with the growing ‘zero TV’ crowd, suggesting that those who are frustrated with rising subscription costs for entertainment may flock to a more cost-effective mobile TV option. Other target consumers include those in regions where access to broadcast programming is still limited. Private Label Mobile TV says it also enables the creation of niche programming in various languages, a straightforward way to engage with multicultural audiences.

Moise added that among the many benefits to content creators, such as celebrities, artists, corporation and charities, is that they’ll be able to compete with major players in the industry for a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and engagement strategies.

Private Label Mobile TV says that employing only the latest technology, it offers the best possible service on virtually any device, with no buffering or downloading, suggest that it is not finished with innovating and that soon, users will have the option of tethering a web-connected device to a television, providing a familiar viewing experience without the cost of cable. The company also plans to make the service available on further devices in the near future.

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