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LiveRail leverages Highwinds CDN for ad streaming

March 27, 2014

Highwinds has become the exclusive CDN (content delivery network) provider for LiveRail, the video monetisation platform for publishers. Highwinds has a strong foothold in the ad tech space, with nearly 20 top platforms currently on its customer roster. These advertising properties leverage Highwinds CDN for reliable global delivery of rich media ads to connected devices.

“We originally brought Highwinds in alongside another top-tier CDN we had been using, and it was quickly apparent that Highwinds was outperforming our incumbent,” said Andrei Dunca, co-founder and CTO of LiveRail. “However, our decision to exclusively use Highwinds was based on more than just performance. We have a great relationship, ad-hoc support is always available, and we appreciate their hands-on approach to addressing the evolving dynamics of the ad world.”

“LiveRail shares our passion for reliable streams and valuable analytics. They’ve integrated raw logs from Highwinds’ StrikeTracker API into their robust real-time analytics dashboard, which provides publishers with data-driven, actionable insights on buyer behaviour and complex monetisation strategies,” said Steve Miller, founder and CEO of Highwinds. “We’ve invested heavily in the build-out of solutions that span the entire online video ecosystem. We deliver ads for platforms like LiveRail that manage creative inventories and transactions, and we deliver content for media, entertainment and game publishers, many of which rely on supply-side technology platforms to monetise their content.”

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